Port logistics


I. company profile:

Shanghai matsuura port co., LTD. Is in haiyan LJC environmental protection enterprise (group) co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary, was established in August 2002 (change the predecessor Shanghai hui industrial co., LTD., China), the registered capital of 30 million yuan, the area covers an area of 108 mu, investment of about 160 million yuan has a coastline of 348 m - a modern port wharf. The company pays attention to internal management, and has obtained iso9001-2008 quality management system certification in 2011. The company has complete licenses, qualification standards and clear property rights. It is one of the member enterprises of China federation of logistics and procurement, Shanghai port management association, Shanghai transportation association and Shanghai logistics association, and is also a national AA class comprehensive port logistics enterprise.

Ii. Superior resources:

1. Regional location:

Company stands in the new huangpu river bridge tower bridge on the north side, 12 ports can be docked ton, matsuura port area is the town of Shanghai songjiang the southwest gate of the existing shek wu e-commerce wisdom only water export platform of logistics industrial park, is a golden hill, songjiang, jiading, qingpu four point one wire transfer hub of land and water with the huangpu river

2. Supporting facilities and resources:

A. The steel structure warehouse covers an area of 22800 square meters, with A single floor height of 12 meters, epoxy floor surface, complete ventilation and fire fighting facilities, and 5-10t driving stations;

B. 20,000 square meters of container yard with 2 10T vehicles;

The government plans to reserve 300 mu of land for container transfer base in the port area.

C. On the shoreline of the port and wharf, 348 meters can dock 3 10,000-ton river ships at the same time, equipped with 2 10T portal cranes, 1 25T tire crane and 1 40T crane. 2-4 bridge cranes can be added according to the operation of the base;

The company has three other supporting port areas, which are located in suzhou river, huacao town, beizhai road, daye river, hangtou, nanhui, and youdun port, qingpu chonggu town. Each port area covers an area of 60 mu and 150 meters and USES coastline.

D. Several sets of supporting facilities such as floating crane, forklift, forklift, loader, trailer, etc.

3. Have a stable team of professional talents:

The company has been operating for more than 10 years and has trained a group of experienced team members in port operation management, scheduling plan, safe lifting, transportation and distribution as well as warehouse management of goods. There are about 20 people with technical titles and post certificates, and the post rate is 100%. Adhering to the customer-centered, gentleman sincere and friendly service concept, we provide one-stop, one-stop, nanny system, lifelong system, personalized, networked service mode, and provide convenient, fast, efficient, low-cost security services.

The organizational chart of the company is as follows:

4. The enterprise has a good concept of corporate culture, which is the foundation, soul and blood of the development and continuation of the enterprise.

A. enterprise spirit: loyalty, pragmatism, innovation and hard work;

B. Corporate values: integrity, love, self-criticism, improvement and innovation;

C. Corporate mission: create wealth and change life;

D. Management thoughts: drive enterprises with Confucianism, integrate Confucianism and Taoism, and help with Buddhism;

E. Brand concept: quality products + quality service = excellent brand.

F. Corporate vision: to build a green home of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, man and society, and man and man.

Enterprises should have a good culture, and the development process of a good culture is also a process of motivating employees and improving their state, as well as a process of accumulating and improving civilized virtue accomplishment.

Iii. Business ideas and development direction:

(I) business ideas:

Relying on the port center and warehousing resources, the company operates in the following three directions:

One is the function of water bus for container transport of haihe river between inner and outer ports: Hong Kong is located in the central area of the arc of yangshan port, waigaoqiao port and taicang port;

Second, the integration of upstream and downstream port services serves as a link between the preceding and the following functions: Hong Kong can dock container ships with type 300 bid boxes; the downstream ports of jiaxing, changxing and deqing can only dock ships with type 64 bid boxes or less; Hong Kong can play a pivotal role in port transfer between upstream and downstream ports.

Third, the radiation function of the surrounding area of the port area combining point, line and surface: local areas of songjiang, qingpu, jinshan, huzhou and wujiang can be radiated in Hong Kong. The company will strive to build a port lifting, warehousing, distribution, container transfer, waterway transport, import and export trade as one of the bulk commodity goods distribution center.

Taking the port as an important node and service platform in the logistics process of our company, we make full use of the port's advantages of cargo collection, inventory, cargo distribution and multimodal transport, give full play to our company's ability to radiate logistics activities in the area around the port, and provide users with multi-functional and integrated integrated logistics activities. Port logistics activities cover all the operation links in the logistics process and complete the basic services and derivative value-added services in the overall logistics system.

With the development of social division of labor and the growth of total social products, logistics develops rapidly and has become a very important part of social and economic development. Logistics industry has great potential and huge market space. It has become an important industry and a new economic growth point for China's economic development in the 21st century. Songpu port, as the node of the first comprehensive transportation network of pujiang river, has been constantly expanding its functions and playing an increasingly important role in the development of modern logistics by taking advantage of the functions of modern logistics center. Ports are from the traditional goods transportation center, commercial and industrial service center to the logistics center as the carrier, goods, capital, information, technology as a resource allocation, port development in such aspects as scope of services, service methods constantly extends to the new field, the rise of port logistics of matsuura harbor has created new opportunities for further development.

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